Top Ten Things That Get You Unfollowed/Unfriended.

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Here’s the top ten things you can do that will pretty much guarantee you’ll get unfollowed/unfriended.

10) Auto-DM me when I follow you. “Thanks for connecting! Can’t wait to Tweet with you!” will not only cause me to unfollow you, but to smack you hard the next time we meet in person.

9) Play any game on Facebook that requires you to post on my wall that you need “coins” “vegetables” “guns” or anything similar.

8) Allow your Twitter or Facebook account to be compromised, thus causing you to spam me. Here’s the simple rule: If the link doesn’t look like it’s “safe,” don’t click it. If the writing from your friend is different than what you’re used to, don’t click it. “Hello my friend – It has been quite the long time – I found this great site with very savings on much electronics.” Be smarter than that.

7) If you connect anything to Twitter, like Foursquare check-ins, Gowalla check-ins, or automatically tweeting appliances, you’re gone.

6) If every single post or tweet is a complaint, you’re gone. I hate most things to begin with. Difference is, I don’t share them as the ONLY THING I DO IN MY LIFE.

5) If you use Facebook or Twitter to be passive-agressive towards anyone. “Just sitting here reflecting on how selfish some people can be, when you invite them to do something and they say they’re gonna come but don’t.” JUST SAY IT: “SARA: YOU’RE A BITCH, COME WHEN YOU SAY YOU’RE GOING TO.”

4) Don’t connect Twitter to Facebook. They’re two different mediums. If all your FB updates are Twitter updates, then you’ve taken over two of my streams, I’m annoyed, and you’re gone.

3) Don’t overshare. “The fungus is back in my genital region” doesn’t need to be posted anywhere but your medical chart. EVER.

2) Ignore the basics. Please. “At the store. Buying a latte. Doing my laundry. Looking at a dog.” OK, really? We get it.

1) Don’t make your profile photo just your child or your pet, or a celebrity, or anyone who’s not you. It’s YOUR profile photo. Putting only your child or your pet in YOUR profile photo tells me you have absolutely no identity of your own.  Why would I want to friend that?

Any others? Leave them in the comments…

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