Today’s Travel Laugh

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Of course, I write this from home for a change, which is a nice touch. Mind you, though, as I write this, I also have another window open that’s booking a trip to Singapore, so… But anyway…

Top 10 signs you travel too much… (Or, top 10 signs you’re me.)

10. You have or bookmarked under your favorites.

9. You have a widget like Miles Manager that consolidates your entire miles program and you check them every day.

8. You have a favorite airport and know the layout of the airport like the back of your hand. You can articulate easily why this is your favorite airport.

7. You will rather connect to gain miles than flying direct to your destination.

6. You have dated someone you met on the plane but brokeup since s/he does not have us the same frequent flyer program as you do.

5. You have shopped at least once using sky mall. (admit it you thought about buying Basho The Sumo Wrestler coffee table)

4. You display the frequent flyer tags proudly on your luggage.

3. The flight attendant knows you by name and knows your favorite drink, the lounge attendants ask about your cats.

2. You know the pricing model of airline tickets.

1. You can, in under a minute, remove your shoes, belt, watch, laptop, key etc. and load them into the tray for security check, and think it should be justifiable to kill those who can’t.

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