Thoughts on the logo?

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Look up. See the guy with the parachute and briefcase flying into this blog? That’s me. Or, at least, my blog’s new logo!

So got a new logo last week. (Before Chris Brogan launched his, I might add.) Mega-props to Idesignyourlogo for it, by the way.

The reasons? I felt it was time. The old logo came before HARO, before my speaking career took off, even before the original book came out. So I felt that it didn’t address who I was anymore. The new one is much slicker and sleeker, and i think it really “gets” who and what I represent.

By the way, I like Chris’s logo too! It’s definitely him. That’s the point of any logo, right? To represent correctly what it’s showing?

I want your feedback. Go.

PS: I wrote this post in Whole Foods, on my iPad. OK, OK. I really do like it.

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