Thoughts from the Runway

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As I sit here at Palm Beach International Airport, at the gate, on the plane, where I’ve been since 7:35pm (it’s currently 9:51pm) as the crew investigates a “light” on one of the computers, it occurs to me that Wi-Fi isn’t merely confined to the concourse of the airport. And this makes me happy.

It also occurs to me that PBI has made a smart airport move by making Wi-Fi free, and announcing it as such.

Isn’t good PR, in one form, anything that makes the masses (clients, customers, media, you name it) happier people? Couldn’t that be a form of relating to the public?

Rather than sit here and bitch about my two hour delay, I’m getting work done. Emailing, IM’ing, Webbing… Rather than bitch, because I couldn’t get online.

So well done, PBI. Free Wi-Fi throughout the airport probably cost a penny. But the goodwill you got from it more than paid for itself.

Now, can you just fix my plane’s “light?”

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