This doesn’t happen to normal people, episode 8523

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So in my previous post, written a few hours ago, I was sitting in the President’s Club at IAH, listing my favorite books while waiting for my flight to Reno.

One of those books is The Parachute and Its Pilot, by Brian Germain. It’s sort of a Skydiving Bible.

I arrive in Reno, NV, and head out to catch my shuttle bus to my hotel. (I’m at a conference for a few days.)

As I’m walking to the shuttle bus area, a guy asks me if I know which way the shuttle bus area is. I tell him to follow me.

Then I stop. Dumbstruck.

“Um,” I say, “Aren’t you Brian Germain?”

“Yeah, how are ya?”

Peter Shankman and Brian Germain

Ever have moments like that? I mean, I randomly blogged about the guy four hours ago!

I was watching a DVD on my laptop on the trip out here – “What the Bleep Do We Know?” Fascinating – All about Quantum Physics, math, stuff that I have a really hard time understanding, put into ways that I actually CAN understand. Yay. One of the things they mentioned was the power of thought, mind, frontal lobe, all that.

Perhaps I “thought” Brian Germain to meet me.

Either way, pretty freakin’ cool.

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