The week of "Abstract Busy-ness"

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First person who knows what the line “Abstract business” is from gets a HARO t-shirt.

Sitting outside the Huntington, LI Hilton, waiting to speak at the Long Island Public Relations Professionals breakfast this morning. “Breakfast” and “Driving to Long Island for” should never, ever be in the same sentence.

So this afternoon is the HARO “How to Pitch” Conference Call, at 2pm EST, 11am. We’ve got over 500 people registered, please join us, as well!

Tomorrow find me speaking at the Entrepreneurial Women’s Network in Norwalk, CT. Hey, it’s a great way to meet women! Kidding. That’ll be a fun lunch.

Of course, Thursday morning is the big one – my Keynote at the T3PR conference in Manhattan. Of course, I do notice that one of the key sponsors is PR Newswire. And I promise not to let that go unmentioned. 🙂

Just the week of Abstract Busy-ness.

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