The Weather Doesn’t Do What’s Expected Of It. Why Should You?

I’m sitting at Newark Airport this morning, hoping that my flight to Tokyo today isn’t impacted by the snowstorm currently pounding the NYC area. The snowstorm. On April 2nd.

It’s April! Sunshine and the occasional warm rain shower, right? Nope. Don’t for a second think that the weather does what’s expected of it. It never does. It keeps us on our toes, all the time.

Why do we, then, never dare to mix it up? Why don’t we change the status quo once in a while? Why not reach out and make a business connection with that super-important person who you think would never agree to meet you? Until you try, you’ll never know!

Why not try a new way of doing things? The biggest failure of any business or entrepreneur is when we do the same thing we’ve always done, simply because “that’s the way it’s always been done!” Shake things up.

Honestly: What’s the worst that can happen?

Heard a quote once: If Internet Explorer is brave enough to still ask if you want it to be your default browser, you have NO excuse for not doing your scary thing today.

Go forth and kick some butt.

I’m going to get deiced.

Happy Monday,


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