My new book, Faster Than Normal, is based off my podcast of the same name, and is designed to show the world that people with ADHD aren’t in fact broken, but rather, have faster, sharper, and more creative brains than “normal” people. Additionally, it acts as a roadmap for those normal people to getting three to four hours a day of productivity back in their lives. With that, I thought I’d share the six books I read over and over to keep my brain (and my ADHD) working for me at peak productivity.

Deep Work, by Cal Newport
If you think you’re staying in the loop with all those alerts, beeps, and boops from Facebook, texts, emails, and Slack notifications, read this book and learn how much productivity you’re giving away on a daily basis.
Delivered from Distraction, by Ned Hallowell, MD
Ned Hallowell is the Godfather of ADHD, and the reason that I first discovered that my quirks could be the best thing that I ever had to offer the world.
Captain Couch gives an amazing insider’s perspective into some of the hardest military training in existance today, Navy SEAL “BUDs,” where the majority of students won’t make it through. This book taught me more about pushing on and simply getting the job done than any class I ever took in school.
I’m With Fatty by Ed Ugel
Ugel tells the story of weight loss from a male perspective, in a book filled with humor, compassion, and love – this book offers encouragement to anyone struggling with those last twenty pounds, whether they realize it or not.
Living With a SEAL by Jesse Itzler
A man hires a Navy SEAL to live with him for a month and train him harder than he ever thought possible. Hysterical, poignant, and features about a dozen life lessons I’ve tried to implement in my own life.
The Art of War, by Sun Tzu
When you’re ADHD, you spend the majority of your formative years (and often many years after) being told that you’re broken. One of the hardest lessons to learn is to stop listening to the haters. This book, which I reread at least twice a year, helps me do that.

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