The Top Five Things I Won’t Have Time to See in Vegas This CES…

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#5: The Hoover Dam. No matter how many damn times I go to Vegas, I’ve yet to see the damn dam! And I really kinda want to! Dam.

#4: The Desert. Back in 2005, I took my best friend to Vegas for his bachelor party, and we ran around on 4-wheelers in the desert. It’s still a beautiful place, and I would love to go again sometime. Preferably now, or anytime in the future, when I’m not anywhere NEAR as fat-ass as I was in the 2005 Good lord. It looks like I ate the desert.









#3: I doubt I’ll have time to go to the New York, New York Roller Coaster, but it’s a fun ride.

#2: Won’t have the time, or a car, to go to Skydive Mesquite, but it’s a drop zone I someday want to visit.

#1: Won’t have the time to go here, and even if I did, it’ll go against the rules of the experiment. See, I doubt any company, no matter how much press they want, is willing to sponsor an event here. At least, no companies at CES. Companies at the AAE’s, though… Well, that’s a different story.

Viva, baby. Viva.


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