The Sun Rises on a New Gig For Me…

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Ever get the feeling that you’re just not doing enough?

Welcome to my life. My world is a constant struggle to not get bored. (My professional life, anyway. I’m surprisingly content in my personal life.) Anyway,it’s what happens when you don’t take the ADD meds that are recommended, but rather, get your highs through skydiving, running (when you f’ing can without being injured) and the like.

Since I currently can’t run, I needed to fill that hour at 5am each morning with something else. Because you know, G-d forbid I actually… I dunno… Sleep.

So with that, I’m thrilled to announce that I’m the newest blogger for the New York Sun, a NYC Newspaper that competes with the Times, News, and Post.

I’m excited. I’m writing a blog called NYC Outdoors, and focuses on all the non-spectator-only sports that crazies like me participate in on a regular basis – from Marathoning to SEAL in the park, from skydiving to kayaking in the Hudson – if you do it outside, and it doesn’t involve waiting on line to get into a club, chances are, I’ll write about it.

You can find the blog here, and I’ll be updating it probably three to four times a week.

I’m looking forward to it – it blows my mind that people pay me for something like this – paying me for what I love to do? It’s kinda like my daily job – clients pay me to talk – something I’d definitely do anyway.

I’m really kinda lucky. 🙂

Anyhow – Got any ideas for me? Let me know.

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