The Six Greatest @foursquare Ousts (Real or Imagined)

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If you haven’t already become addicted to the black tar heroin that is @foursquare, you will – It’s just a matter of time.

Foursquare is essentially a location based mobile game, where you “check in” at various public areas over the course of your day, supposedly to see if any of your friends are near, but truthfully, to “own” any of those spots, based on frequency of visits. “Ousting” someone on @foursquare is the mobile geek equivalent to successfully staging a bloodless coup. In the end, you’re the leader – until you’re the victim of a coup yourself.

Foursquare ousts look like this on Twitter:

Picture 34

Obviously, your goal is to attempt Ousts at better places – My ousting Selina M. at TD Bank probably isn’t gonna get me a better table at Spice Market.

When you do oust someone, you achieve mayorships – Those are fun… Currently, my mayoral status is as follows:


It’s beyond pathetic that this is now a new addiction, but I’m not surprised. I was also a charter member of the NYC Celebrity Sightings group on Upoc in 2002.

With that – My list of the Six Greatest @foursquare ousts, either real or imagined. (Hint: Most are imagined.)

6) @GWCowboy: I just ousted @saddamarama as Mayor of @bahgdadpalce on @foursquare!

5) @barackobama: I just ousted @GWCowboy as Mayor of @the1600club on @foursquare

4) @berniemadoff: I just ousted @bubba as Mayor of @ButnerFedPrizLaundry on @foursquare

3) @KarmaTCat: I just ousted @NASATCAT as Mayor of @LitterBox on @foursquare

2) @ScottM: I just ousted @skydiver as Mayor of Newark Liberty International Airport on @foursquare (Ed. Note: This guy and I have been going back and forth as Mayor of EWR for about a month now – He’s GOTTA be a pilot or something.)

1) @nyyankees: I just ousted @phillies as Mayor of @TheWorldSeries on @foursquare (Upcoming…)

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