The SCOTTEVEST No Baggage Challenge, Day 1 – EWR

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Don’t forget: This challenge is benefitting Best Friends Animal Society – They help homeless and abused animals, and are a wonderful, wonderful place. Please take a second and drop them a few bucks here.

Day One: This is ridiculously easy. I’m already at the airport, security took less than 90 seconds, they didn’t even blink at the coat, I slid it right through the xray and grabbed it on the other side. It couldn’t have been simpler.

The biggest problem for me, (and it’s not really a problem, per se…) is that I’ve already had four moments of panic (when I got out of the cab, when I got onto the NJT train to the airport, when I got off the NJT train at the airport, and when I got out of the EWR AirTrain) when I looked behind me, gasped, and said “Oh shit, where’s my bag?”

Four moments of panic, I’m assuming they’ll go away in time.

End result so far, though: Security didn’t blink an eye, I have no bags, and because this is America, and I should have expected it, no one who even looked at me and saw me with no bags could have cared less.

Here’s a horrible photo of me before I left my apartment this morning:

Look Ma, no bags!

And finally, here’s the video I shot once I’d walked into the President’s Club. Not knowing how the TSA would respond to my not having any bags, I didn’t want to risk shooting video going through security.

More after I land in Tokyo. The biggest thing for me is worrying that I forgot something I use all the time that I keep in my Ogio backpack, and I just haven’t needed it yet… But so far, that hasn’t happened. Fingers crossed that it doesn’t.

Flight takes off in a few hours. Off to have a bagel.

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