The Power of SEO – I'm now a believer

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Go to Google right now and type in the word “Publicity” without the quotes. Go ahead. I’ll wait.

Notice the second item that comes up in search? NOT in the Google ads, but in actual organic search?

Here’s a photo, in case you didn’t.


Yes, that’s HARO right there as number two, right behind Wikipedia, and in FRONT of a domain with the word “Publicity” in it.

Thank you Evan, at First Page Sage.

I was never a real believer in SEO, thought it was too much math, and figured it better to get people to link to us, which would help grow our ranking in Google. I still DO believe that – no doubt. But I also have been converted. Search Engine Optimization WORKS, and if you’re not including it in your marketing plan, you’re not truly marketing.

Then Evan, a HARO member, and founder of First Page Sage, emailed me – “Hey, can I do some SEO for you? If I can do it right, mention it, ok? I met him for coffee – He’s like – eleven years old, I think. But he’s brilliant. And he’s already started and sold a bunch of companies.

He’s a younger me. So I gave him a chance. And he proved it. Man, did he prove it.

I don’t know all the details as to why it works – but I do know that Google is essentially nothing more than one giant algorithm, waiting to see what sites are playing the game the right way. At the end of the day, I’m talking about “Good” SEO – not “Evil” SEO. Google is smart. Doing “stupid” SEO will be pointless – but doing “smart” SEO, “Good” SEO, where you’re using industry approved techniques to help grow your company, should be part of any marketing plan.

We’re number two on a WORD. A WORD! That’s insane.

Give Evan a shout at First Page Sage. I RARELY give recommendations in my blog. This kid deserves one.

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