The No Baggage Challenge to Benefit Best Friends Animal Society

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This is a fun post to write. As a lot of you know, I sit on the advisory board of the ScotteVest, a clothing line designed to carry today’s road warrior from place to place with less baggage – and in some cases, no baggage. – It’s an unpaid position, rather, I get all the coats, jackets, vests, shirts, pants, and yes, even boxers that I could ever want. Scott had a fun run-in this year with a bunch of airlines, after he crafted an ad showing people how to “beat baggage fees,” by using his clothing. While the airlines didn’t like it, Scott had a valid point – Keep your gear in your pockets, and you don’t need baggage. Imagine, being baggage-free! (I know some people in my life I’d like to make baggage-free, but that’s neither here nor there.) Anyhow, I have to go to Asia this coming week, and Scott suggested I try doing it without bags. I told him he was insane. I carry my Ogio backpack and Ogio carry-on wherever I go. Scott’s annoyingly persistant, though. He’s like an earworm that lives in Idaho with Poodles. So I finally agreed, but only on the condition that if I did it, he’d donate a bunch of money to Best Friends Animal Society. He quickly agreed (The man has multiple Poodles, it wasn’t a hard decision,) and my NBC was born. I’m going to Tokyo on Thursday the 9th, and I’m returning on Monday the 13th. And I’m not taking any bags with me. That doesn’t mean I’m not taking supplies. But what I’m taking, I’m carrying on my person. I still need connectivity, so I’ll obviously need gear and power cords. If I didn’t get it on digital image, it didn’t happen (Still sounds better to me to say “film,” but the times, they change) so I’ll have to bring a camera. I’ll need underwear, socks, and a few shirts. I can wear the same pair of shoes the entire time (Sadly, not my Vibrams, which I love dearly, but until they make them available in “meeting” style, I have to wear real shoes occasionally. Bummer.) I’ll have my regular wallet and my International wallet, as well. I’ll have a spare Blackberry battery, and a few other things. So… How will I do it? Check it out.

ScotteVest No Baggage Challenge – TECH from Peter Shankman on Vimeo.

Tomorrow I’ll talk about the clothing I’m taking to get this whole thing done, and if you’d like to donate to Best Friends as well, (and why wouldn’t you?!) Please do so here – they really do make an incredible difference in the lives of abused and neglected animals!

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