The Five Rules of HARO

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Update: Since I’ve sold HARO, this page is still a good starting point for basic questions, but for anything in-depth, you should shoot an email to [email protected]. Thanks! 🙂 -PHS

The FIVE RULES OF HARO. Keep them as a sign upon thy hands.

1) You will get three emails a day, M-F, with reporter queries from reporters and outlets from all over the world. Scan the emails, and if you’re knowledgeable about any of the topics, answer the reporter directly.2) Don’t SPAM reporters with off-topic pitches in response to their queries.3) You MAY forward queries to friends, but DO NOT post them on blogs or anywhere on the web.4) You’re not allowed to harvest the reporter email addresses in the HARO emails for any reason. (With the new system implemented in January 2010, you can’t anyway.)5) Be excellent to each other.

Violating any of the above rules is punishable by any of the following: An email, a warning, being banned from the list, and in extreme cases, being “outed” to the over 33,000 36,000 49,000 85,000 130,000 225,000 members of the list. HARO works on mutual trust and support. Don’t violate that.

That’s it. Don’t say you never saw them.

Any others you think should be on there? Leave them in the comments.

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