The Covid-19 vaccine kicked my butt on stage

OK, so I’m not a doctor. I’m not going to tell you the medical benefits of getting the COVID-19 vaccine. Besides, if you don’t already understand why the vaccine is important, nothing I say will change your mind anyway.

What I want to share with you is the part of the vaccine that no one talks about. There is a secret ingredient in the Covid-19 vaccine they don’t tell you about – and it’s awesome.

How Covid-19 Vaccine Kicked My Butt On Stage

That jab in your arm? Sure, it has some virus proteins and other stuff to make it much less likely that you’ll get infected, and sure, if you get infected, the jab will make it much more likely that it’ll be like a minor cold and you won’t wind up on a breathing tube, but the part of the vaccine that no one ever mentions, the stuff in the vaccine that will help you more than anything else?

The vaccine is filled with equal parts of confidence and motivation. No one ever talks about that, huh? You’re not going to see THOSE two ingredients on a syringe somewhere. But those two ingredients are the most important parts of the vaccine.

We’ve spent the past 14, almost 15 months adapting to new ways of doing EVERYTHING. For me, as an entrepreneur and a public speaker, that adaption was painful. No flights anymore? No getting my dopamine from being on stage? This is hell! While the speeches and business opportunities were still coming in, the fear of walking outside, breathing wrong and getting infected slowed down virtually everyone, myself included.

The new reality became working from my apartment, and having zoom calls. While that worked, it didn’t offer me the “oomph” I had prior to Covid – that “oomph” of going out, pitching myself to potential new clients, being able to drop in and “just say hi” to a client, or bring them a pizza just to stay top of mind. The ability to do my famous “hey, how can I help” speech diminished.

Until I got the shot. Once I got jabbed, my world started coming back. Sure, I’m still going to wear a mask, but I’m more willing to get outside. I’m more willing to workout at the gym at 5am, which, lets face it, is so much better for you mentally than working out at home. Not that I don’t love my Peloton, but I can do a two-plate deadlift from my bedroom.

The jab, in addition to providing me with immunity, gave me my confidence back – the confidence to go out and kick some ass, take some names, keynote in front of thousands, and rock the world every single day. It also gave me the motivation – see, one speech, one standing ovation only leads to wanting more, which leads to the motivation to go out and GET more. And no amount of Zoom speeches will ever match that.

You an entrepreneur? Go get jabbed already, so you can get back to focusing on taking over the world.

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