Everyone has bad days. Including me.

I’m coming off of two really bad days in a row. You know the kind: The ones that make you question everything you’re doing, the ones that make you wonder if the haters and the ankle-biters are actually right. The ones that fuel our imposter syndrome with a full tank of gas. Those.

You can’t escape them. It’s impossible to live a life where you don’t have them. BUT – You can use them to your advantage.

I took a spin class this morning, and used every silly argument I had in the past two days as fuel. Climbing a hill? I pictured the face of that person who said something hurtful to me yesterday. Racing on a flat? In my head, I was crushing the guy who swore up and down that I was a lock for a specific speaking gig, then chose someone else anyway. Out of the saddle? I was passing the idiot who slammed into me as I was exiting the subway last night then told me what I could go do with myself. End result? 15.75 miles in 45 minutes, and a place in the top five fastest workouts I’ve ever recorded.

We’re all going to have crappy days. We’re all going to have idiots in our lives. How we choose to handle them determines their effect on us. We can either let them get us down, or we can use them as fuel, to propel us higher than we’ve ever been. I don’t know about you, but I choose the latter.

To put it another way: Don’t let people live in your head rent free. Do something good for yourself which makes them pay a LOT for the privilege.

To great adventures,


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