Thanks for the ride, Sony! (Or, how to not be a lemming, Stardate 9472.1)

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I met with Scott Jordan this morning for an early meeting – I sit on the advisory board of his company, so it’s always nice to catch up with him.

For what it’s worth, I’m going to start calling him Scott Diddy.

But I do love his products, I’ve been a fan since 2001. And his commercial, below, rocks.

Of course, ADD kicking in, when I look at the clock, I realize that I’ve got 30 minutes to get to the convention center, and I’m a good few miles away. And of course, Vegas is a nightmare travel-wise during CES. Not to fear, though – I’ve got a monorail pass! We get to the Momorail – D’oh! 30 minute wait! Cab line? 1 hour wait.

“OK, we’re gonna walk,” I say to him. As we walk outside, I see a little shuttle bus with the word “SONY” on it. I go up to the guy with the Sony sign – “Are you guys giving rides to the press?” “Sure! Hop on!” At the convention center in 12 minutes. Sony rocks.

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