Thank you Seagate. And timing. And luck of the draw. And stuff.

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So I get into my room at Planet Hollywood (because it’s a Starwood property) and find it to be quite nice, with a pretty decent view of the Bellagio. And then it hits me – Wait a second – The Bellagio! That’s where Seagate has their Bloghaus, and shock of shocks, it’s right across the street!! This is Las Vegas! Nothing is right across the street! Go me! I promise to take photos tomorrow – It’s really, really cool. Again, thank you, Seagate! A place to work and file and get stuff done! Rock on!

So that’s where I sit, waiting to watch the keynote, (Supposedly Bill Gates’ last one! Ooh!) and enjoying the comforts of the “haus,” including beer, food, a video game den, and tons of comfy bean bag chairs! I’m happy! Seriously!

This rules. Thank you, Seagate. (Plus, it helps keep up with the experiment.)

So my schedule for Monday has completely filled up, including breakfast, meetings, lunch, meetings, dinner, then six parties. Jackie Stone from Digitas decided NOT to show up this year (boo on her…) so I can’t tag along with her tomorrow night and go where she goes. But my Target and Wal-Mart friends have arrived, so there should be some fun from that. (Buyers get even better parties than media. Seriously.)

So Sunday draws to a close, I’m off to watch the Keynote. Then to eat, drink, and… knowing me, probably fall asleep by 8:30pm. Sigh.

Here’s the press room/Verizon loung-y thing that they’ve got going on…

By the way, big props to Tom Sunshine over at Naked Pixel productions – not only did he build the great new site, but he graciously takes my insane phone calls and quickly comes to the rescue every time I have a problem, the non-programmer that I am.

PS: How I managed to forget my Ambien is beyond me. I wish I knew. Who has some to share?

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