Spectacular Pitch: Jenny Schmitt

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Every once in a while, I come across SUCH a great pitch, so perfect in form, function, so on target, and so exactly what the reporter is looking for, I’ve no choice but to call the pitcher out and blog about it.

Jenny Schmitt saw a pitch on HARO about fun father/daughter ideas that wouldn’t cause a “guy to get his guy card revoked.” Seeing that the reporter obviously had a sense of humor, Jenny crafted the perfect pitch, filling it with information, exactly what the reporter wanted, and topped it off with a touch of humor. I don’t know what the result is (Jenny, let us know!) but I just had to call this pitch out as one of the best I’ve seen in a while. Learn from this one, gang.

Here’s the query:

Summary: 5 Father/Daughter experiences

Name: redacted

Email: redacted

Title: Author

Media Outlet/Publication: www.closecombatguidefordads.com

Anonymous? No

Specific Geographic Region? No


Deadline: 12:00 PM CENTRAL – June 22


“We are looking for suggestions for 5 awesome, unique experiences fathers can give their daughters. These adventures/experiences should be under $100, realistic and most of all fun for BOTH of them.

Dad’s should not have to turn in their ‘man card’ in order to enjoy this! So Libby Liu’s or American Doll outings are out!

The goal is to deepen the father/daughter bond without being too girly.”

Now Jenny’s Pitch

Dear (Reporter’s name)

This is Jenny Schmitt and I work with Georgia State Parks (www.getoutdoorsgeorgia.org or www.georgiastateparks.org).  Dads can still “man up” and take their daughters on some amazing experiences in their own state parks.  Here in Georgia, men can bring their daughters to: 1) Tree-Climbing Clinics (technical tree climbing with ropes, helmets and that oh-so-comfy-for-guys harness)2) Party with the Possum (night hikes with flashlights to see nocturnal animals)3) Fort Days (cool cannon and musket firings, blacksmithing and lots of history lessons with a guided tour (Ga. has 18 historic sites and historic parks with LOTS of cannons))4) For the eco-daughter a Leaf Watch Fall Hike (guided hike with a biologist/ecologist who shares the different trees, animals and the fun science behind fall colors)5) Camping/fishing/boating/hiking and even golf at state parks (really, there is just about something for everyone, even those who hate bugs) So Dad can keep his “Y” chromosome and still have a great time with his daughter. Cost: One time at a park $3-$5 admission, or buy an annual pass for $30 (most states it’s $30).  Cheap? You bet. Memorable? Absolutely. Let me know if I can be of further help.  We’ve got photos aplenty and testimonials from Dad/daughter outings as well. Be well,Jenny Schmitt(contact information)

Well done, Jenny. Take a bow.

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