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Random series of events have kept me swamped beyond belief, but in a good way.

Drawing attention to Ike Pigott’s post, Goodbye, Jimmy. In some ways, he was quite the pioneer. How fortunate for Ike to have met him.

Interesting story in today’s Asbury Park Press about how anew PR firm, grapeVine Public Relations is making a name for themselves by only repping celebrities that are gay, lesbian, or transgender, or gay, lesbian, and transgender friendly.

Kevin Barry, principal/founder of Kevin In Media, had some interesting thoughts on it. While we’re all applauding them for going after this specific Niche, Kevin asks how the fact that the GLBT community is mainstreaming is going to affect them – in essence, making their niche… well, nothing.

“There is still a definite need for more representation in the gay market but they will face some opposition on both sides as society tries to mainstream gay culture — something which has its pros and cons.  In the end, they will ultimately earn money but the broader impact will take time to see how it plays out.

Most leading LGBT publicity firms earn street cred by giving something back to the community in terms of market research or statistics (since we are ignored in the census).  If they could find a way to make similar contributions to the entertainment industry then I salute them.  I wish them luck.”

Good question. Will be interesting to see…

Finally, wanted to share a photo from last Saturday – jumped on the sunset load, and opened high. I don’t remember the last time a photo captured me in such pure happiness when I was alone.


I’ll post more soon. I promise.

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