Sony Promotes Gods of War II with Decapitated Goat

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The UK’s Daily Mail is talking about how Sony, after apparently smoking WAY too much crack, decided that it would be smart to promote the launch of a new violent video game by having a FRESHLY SLAUGHTERED GOAT at their launch party, as well as inviting people to reach inside the “still warm” goat and eat offal from its stomach.


Sony is ALREADY the number one target for violence in video games – I know – I used to rep GameWEEK Magazine – Try handling crisis comms for GameWEEK at e3 a week after Columbine… This is just brutally stupid.

Oh, and also? It’s really freaking CRUEL. You don’t kill animals to sell video games.

Photo from the Daily Mail below. If anyone gets a copy of the Sony Playstation Magazine mailed to them, I’d love to see a copy. They pulled all the magazines from the shelves, but were too late to stop the issues sent to subscribers.

Not cool. It should be fun as hell to watch Sony crawl out of this..


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