Social Media FAIL Department: 7-Eleven

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A follower sent me a screen-grab Monday morning from the 7-Eleven fan page on Facebook, which I’ve posted below. Worst thing in the world? No. But should their social media person have thought twice before posting it? Yes. They’ve since deleted it, but people are still talking about it on their fan page. (Click on the image to expand.)

7-Eleven probably dodged a bullet since Monday happened to be a very active news day. But still, valuable lesson in here? On Facebook, you’re talking to a LOT of people. Make a joke to three people? Not too dangerous. To over 700,000 people? Someone is going to be offended. And people were. Big-time.

When I use the term “short-bus” in a tweet, I get no less than a minimum of five people telling me that’s offensive. Make fun of everyone who’s ever had a mental illness? Not the smartest thing to do. Would have been really interesting to see what had happened had OBL not been killed Sunday night.


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