Social Media Engagement: Time to think like a drug dealer

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The ten rules of technical social media engagement aren’t much different than someone dealing drugs – Except what you’re doing is legal. Most of the time, anyway.

It’s time to start thinking like a drug dealer.

1) Anything you put out there has to be something people will try once, and want again and again

2) If the quality isn’t good, they won’t come back

3) Yours has to be better than anyone else’s

4) You have to develop a “special relationship” with your customers, ensuring that even though they have other options, they always come back to you

5) Offer new value all the time by making it not entirely about the product, but also about new and interesting information they wouldn’t have found otherwise

6) Constantly strive to make it an easy experience for the client, a seamless relationship of which they feel they need to be a part.

7) You have to constantly be refining your product to create a better one

8) You need to be up on what other businesses are doing, and have people (or yourself) willing to try their product and report back

9) Occasionally, offer your customers free product, even though it might cost you a few cents in profit. You’re reestablishing their loyalty to you by showing that you’re thankful that they’re your customers

10) Never forget that you can have as much product and deliverability as possible, but without the customers, you’re dead in the water, and another dealer will swoop right in to take your place.

As always, thoughts or additional rules are appreciated. Leave them below.

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