So… In the “he just gets weirder and weirder” category…

For the past six months, every shower I’ve taken has been ice cold. Not hot, not lukewarm, but COLD. Like, “gut kick to the stomach when the water first hits you” cold. And I’ve never felt better.

Why? Simple: The energy boost you get from a cold shower lives with you for the entire day. It literally turbocharges all parts of you – Your brain, your muscles, your skin – It’s amazing.

But… It’s one heck of a wake-up call, and it’s not easy to get used to.

But in reality, that’s true of anything different, new, or difficult – and it’s why so few people ever truly commit to improving themselves.

See, the hardest part of taking that cold shower is getting into it. I mean, I’m going from either a warm, cozy bed or a hot sweaty workout, right into the polar (no pun intended) opposite. It is a MASSIVE shift to the entire body. And that’s what stops people from doing it.

But – Think about it – How long does that electric shock to the system really last? Five seconds? Ten seconds? The body adapts. That’s what it’s designed to do. Within 10 seconds, your breathing starts to return to normal, you start to gain control of your extremities again, and, yes, life goes on. Over time, that initial jolt diminishes, and you don’t even think twice about getting into a cold shower. But the benefits, they stay with you forever! When I get out of my cold shower, I’m so full of energy, my brain could power midtown Manhattan.

It’s the same with anything. A new business idea, facing a personal challenge, signing up for a marathon… The hardest part, as usual, is getting started.

So today, I encourage you – Take a deep breath, and start something new. Whether it’s a cold shower or a new idea to change the world, just START. Ten seconds in, and you’ll wonder why you didn’t start sooner. I promise.



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