So apparently, I’m good at what I do.

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So I come home today, and there’s a FedEx waiting for me. It’s a trophy, and a $100 gift-card to Staples.


I was voted one of the best networkers in the world.

Yeah, I was kind of intrigued, as well.

Apparently, NetWorlding (a a business leadership/training company, it would seem) held a contest, asking people to identify and nominate the best networkers in the world. It appears that more than one person nominated me.

Of course, they won’t tell me who.

It’s kinda cool, though – I’m up there with Billy Dexter, CDO at MTV Networks, Kristin Anderson at Leo Burnett, Mary Kramer, the US Ambassador to Barbados (!) and Tom Wilen, past president of Jim Beam!

Well… Thank you, Networlding!

Oh, and if you were one of the people who recommended me, I thank you. Can I get you anything from Staples? My treat!

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