Sheesh… At least at the Core Club, they give you Purell Wipes after!

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Via PopBitch, one of the best gossip email newsletters out there…

SoHo House last week, a couple spotted having sex in the pool in front of the other guests. Classy.

Ugh. So did SH ban the couple? Doubtful. They’re “members.” I always preach that it’s always about the customer, right? But… When does a company, (be it SH or McDonalds) take the unpopular step of saying “OK, this will lessen our cool points, but in this case, the customer isn’t always right? We’ll let you get away with a lot, but you can’t cross “this” line?”

Different lines at different places, I suppose. Which is fine – just curious which companies actually have the guts to implement specific policies when those lines are crossed.

Ew. Besides – I’ve been in that pool. It’s small! Double Ew!

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