Saying Thanks and Moving On…

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Back in 2007, I had this wacky idea that I could make it easier for my friends to get quoted in the press, while at the same time, make it easier for journalists to find sources. On March 21st, 2008, Help a Reporter Out went from my personal mailing list to a website, and along with my original coworkers Karma T. Cat and NASA T. Cat, I never looked back.

In June of 2010, Vocus, Inc. came in and made me an offer I couldn’t refuse, and they acquired HARO, with the caveat that I stay on for two years to help manage the transition, and continue to grow HARO and Vocus as a whole. Which I did. HARO has consistently grown year over year, with new members, new journalists, and new advertisers.

Now, almost six years from the day that I turned HARO into the journalism and PR force it’s become, I’m here to announce it’s time for me to do something else.

I’ll be leaving Vocus at the end of March to pursue a handful of other fun ideas that have been rattling around my brain for a while now. More info will come soon, but I’ll be doing a bunch of different things, from taking some consulting positions for major Fortune 50 companies, some evangelist positions for some established consumer brands, and even consulting on the occasional startup or two. I also have about six ideas for potential new startups that I’ve had in my head for a while now, and I’ll still be occasionally consulting for Vocus, (and will be at SXSW and in London for them in the next few weeks.)

Additionally, my new book, “Nice Companies Finish First: Why Cutthroat Management is Over and Collaboration Is In” drops on April 2nd, and I’ll be doing a book tour for that, as well. And of course, Baby Shankman is due sometime in late April!

As always, I’ll be on the lookout for other fun opportunities in the branding, advertising, marketing, customer service, social, hospitality, and engagement spaces. If there’s ever anything I can do for you, (or if you just wanna chat and say hi,) give me a shout. Also, if we’re ever in the same city, let’s get a cup of coffee or go for a run! (A slow-ass run, but a run nonetheless!)

I can’t say enough good things about Vocus, and I know my original baby will continue to grow in the good hands of the great gang down in Maryland.

To my readers, subscribers, and to those who have been with me since the beginning, or have joined on any part of the ride, thank you so much for the privilege of letting me talk to you on a regular basis. It’s never taken for granted, and I hope to continue it for quite some time. As always, you can find me here on my blog, on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, FourSquare, and Google Plus.

Blue Skies,

-Peter ShankmanDubai, February 21, 2013

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