Review: 77 and 1/2 Public Relations Tips by Joe Chernov

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Had a chance to peruse Joe Chernov’s new book, “77 and 1/2 Public Relations Tips” over the weekend.

Decent. Short read, some good ideas. Mostly common sense, but that doesn’t mean we’d think about them on our own. For instance:

Tip # 53: No PR person “gets” a journalist to write an article.

Many PR firms boast that they have “gotten” a particular journalist to write an article. This is an insult to the PR and Journalism professions alike. And it’s patently untrue.

Pretty decent book – worth a read – especially if you’re looking to hire a new agency and don’t have a clue as to what to look for.

Joe works for Upper Right PR  as the VP of Client Services.

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Happy reading!

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