Response from Peter Shankman and HARO regarding today's Conference Call

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First things first:

Today’s HARO “How to Pitch Business Reporters” will be rescheduled fortomorrow, Thursday, February 19th, at 2pm (14:00) EST.

Now then:

To my esteemed panelists, and to all the audience members listening in: I’m truly sorry. While the problem was caused by technical issues, the fact is, I organized the call, I promoted it, my panel convened at my request, and the audience paid for it on my recommendation. As such, I accept full responsibility for today’s SNAFU, regardless of what caused it.

We don’t know exactly what happened. What I do know is that I’ve used Conference Call University for our previous two calls, without any problems at all. We’ve never had so much as a blip of trouble on either of the previous calls, and had no reason to expect any different. Obviously, that’s not what happened today.

I truly apologize to each and every one of you, and I vow to make this right. Tomorrow’s conference call will take place at 2pm EST, just like today’s did. CCU will be responsible for giving out the conference call dial-in number for the audience members. For the panel members, I will call each of you personally an hour before the call and give you the dial-in numbers.

One final time: I’m truly sorry. For those who can’t make the call tomorrow, I will personally send you an mp3 of the call the second it finishes saving.

Thank you all for your understanding. If I can answer any further questions, you know I’m available to you via email – [email protected], via twitter @skydiver or via a cup of coffee if we’re in the same city.

-Peter Shankman15:00, 02/18/09

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