Quick thoughts on the Facebook TOS insanity

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Some quick thoughts, Twitter-style.

1) If you don’t want your information owned, by Facebook or anyone else, DON’T FREAKING PUT IT ON THE INTERNETS.

2) You get a hot photo taken of you. You put it up on the Internet. Good luck “controlling your brand” once it’s online. If it’s really hot, inmates are using it as prison currency before the end of the evening. You think you have ANY semblance of privacy once you post something? You’re dreaming. It ain’t just Facebook. They just happened to put it into print.

3) 99.99999% of Facebook users ARE NOT POSTING ANYTHING EVEN REMOTELY INTERESTING ENOUGH FOR FACEBOOK TO CARE ABOUT, much less use in an ad or commercial.

4) Privacy died 30 years ago. Get the hell over it already.

5) The best we can hope for is to control our privacy, and maintain some level of control over what content we produce and own. Want to own your content? Post it on another site, or start your own. Crying because the version of Facebook you started doesn’t have any users, so you can’t get the same reach you can with Zuck’s 170 million pairs of eyeballs? Suck it up, cupcake, and know that you might have to fight for it if it becomes mega-popular, and yet still, the chances of that happening are virtually nill.

6) Hate the game, not the player: What Facebook has done is NO different than what ANY website has done, including AOL back in 1995. They’ve just voiced it, and a bunch of bitchy little bloggers decided to make a case out of it. This isn’t new. Get over it.

And my rant endeth.

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