Quick post from the Airport as I leave for Vacation

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Just want to dispel any rumors that arose from the recent Vocus earnings call regarding HARO. Take this as GOSPEL, ok?

1) HARO will remain free.

2) The HARO you know and love will remain free.

3) The HARO you know and love will NOT CHANGE from what you know and love. The queries will still show up, on time, 3x per day, Monday through Friday, FOR FREE.

4) I’ve said this. The CEO of Vocus has said this. The CEO of Vocus has said this. HARO will remain free.

5) Am I working with Vocus to create some brilliant new additions to HARO, IN ADDITION to the HARO you know and love that’s already free? Of course I am. That’s called progress.

6) Will some of these new additions potentially have a revenue component to them? I.e., will some of the new additions possibly cost money? Possibly, sure.

7) Will any of the new additions affect the current HARO you get, or make the HARO you get NOT free in any capacity? NO.

8 ) Will you have the option to purchase, if we make them available for purchase, any of the add-ons we might add to HARO? Yes.

9) Do you have to? NO.

10) If you don’t, will you still get the same HARO you’ve always gotten, and will it still be free? YES.

11) Do you really think I’d allow what my name is staked on to piss off 100k people? Come on.

12) Will the HARO you know and love stay free? YES.

I really, really hope this cuts down the rumor mill. Come on, guys. Lindsay Lohan is supposed to get out of jail later this week. Isn’t that MUCH more important?

I’m going on vacation now. That is my current goal for the next nine days.

Enjoy, all…

-Peter Shankman

PS: Did I mention the HARO you know and love will always stay FREE? Good. Just checking.

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