Quick Geek Out Moment… My Laser Goes Into Space! Does Yours?

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Just opened the mail to find a package from Wicked Lasers – An S3 Krypton – called “the strongest legal laser available.”

According to them, this thing can shine 85 miles into space. Yes, into space. I have no idea who I’d signal in space, but that doesn’t matter – IT CAN REACH SPACE!

Of course, I know, I need to make sure there are no airplanes overhead when I do this, but ok, how cool is it to think that a light I’m shining from my apartment window can be seen outside our atmosphere? That just blows my mind to like, the 8th degree.

The thing is also “strong” as hell. I could double it as a police baton, if I wanted to. Comes with a rechargeable battery, for those times when I just need to laser something for hours and hours and hours.

I’m so geeking out, here. I can’t WAIT for it to get dark. Seriously.

Apparently, they also sent one to Gizmodo, who wrote “Holy Christ, it can reach space.” See? I’m not the only one loving this thing!

Edited to add: I’m smart enough to not attempt to shine it at any airplanes. Give me some credit, guys.

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