Promotion go Boom

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Everyone will be blogging about this by tomorrow, so I’ll just say this.

We’re always taking into account things when planning stunts. Insurance. Rain. Crowds. Media.

But we live in a world that spends most of the time on high alert.

We should probably take that into consideration when we brainstorm stunts, as well.

Flooding Times Square with Yoo-hoo is one thing. You know what it is, you see it happening. Putting flashing lights at high traffic areas around Boston for a promotion for Cartoon Networ’s Aqua Teen Hunger Force, is something else entirely.

Not really that bright. Even if they were “harmless.”

And you know it’s not a smart stunt if I say it’s not. I mean, I’m the guy who threw 100 CEO’s out of airplanes back in 2000.

Different world, people. Sadly, we need to remember that.

Some will argue that “well, they got tons of press, all mentioning the name of the show. OK.

But what if one of those closed down bridges was a route to a hospital, and someone had a heart attack and died because they couldn’t use the most direct route to said hospital?

I know, I know. I hate being the party-pooper. But sometimes, it’s required.

Thanks to CB for the first of many heads ups on this.

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