Peter’s Famous Yearly Holiday Discount Post!

(This is the one email a year when I go off topic and don’t talk marketing, self-improvement or ADHD. I talk holiday gifts, based on what I know about you, my audience. Don’t worry, we’ll be back to normal next week.)

Hi guys, and happy Tuesday!

If it’s another holiday season, it’s time for another annual gift discount list! I love that I keep getting to do these for you. We’ve got some good ones this year – Including sunglasses, soaps, CBD, scones (Scones!!) and tons of others.

As always, some of these links are affiliate links which allow me to keep raising money for animal rescue organizations around the world. So you’re doing even more good!

Hope these are useful to you! Happy Thanksgiving!

OK, let’s start with some of the best baked goods I’ve ever had in my life. Seven Sisters Scones are, in a word, perfection. They were featured on the Today Show as some of the best scones in the world, and they ain’t lying! They’re AMAZING. They’ll ship anywhere in the world, and what can I say, they’re just ridiculously good. Plus, they’re part of my mastermind group! By the way – They’re moist, not dry and flakey! Grab some here and be the hero of your next gathering!

Thought about a robot vacuum? Neato Robotics has you covered! I love this thing – Quiet, affordable, and it does the job! My place is ridiculously clean! (Which says a lot, considering I live with the messiest eight-year-old and dog known to man…) Check out Neato here!

Speaking of tech – BOOSA is back! Remember Boosa? The best batter packs in the world? If you’re spending time with your family, you’ll be spending time in the bathroom on your phone to escape them. Use Boosa battery packs to make sure you don’t run out of juice!

I’ve discovered CBD and my sleep has never been better. My friend Kevin has launched and it’s pretty cool! Want a free $25 gift card from them? Just use the code SHANK25 here! PS: They even have CBD for dogs!

Speaking of sleeping, did you know you spend the majority of your time either sitting down or sleeping? Seriously. So why do it on chairs, cushions or pillows that destroy your back? Check out The Cushion Lab! Cushions for your chair at work, pillows for your bed at home, your back will thank you!

On the subject of lying down – I sleep on a Molecule Mattress and I’ve never slept better – Their black friday deals are pushing up to 40% off!! It’s really kind of sick how good their deals are right now. Check them out and start sleeping like you should!

And when you’re out of bed, you need to get clean. Try Dr. Squatch – Soap that doesn’t smell like, well, soap. You’ll know what I mean. I’ve been using it for a while – My daughter loves it as well! How’s 20% off plus FREE SHIPPING??

Need some of the best sunglasses in the world when you’re outside? How about TYR? They’re the only ones I wear during my races – They simply WILL NOT fall off my face! Or yours! Check out their new styles and designs at this link!

OK, let’s talk WAGYU BEEF!! The amazing family at Snake River Farms have put together the most incredible holiday deals on the best Wagyu you’ll find without going to Asia. No joke, I made some the other night, and it was mind-blowing. I can’t even tell you how good it was! Plus, it’s an AMAZING gift! My dad, cousins, even my best friend are all getting it this year!

Remember my original best friends, SCOTTEVEST! I won’t get on a planes without Scott’s jackets, and you shouldn’t either. I’ve done five days in Asia with nothing but his jacket! NO JOKE! Check them out here and make your travels easier.

And finally, because I’m thankful for all of you, I’ll do another $SHANK coin match up to $1000 – Simply grab some here, then let me know you purchased it!

Happy Thanksgiving, my friends! Stay tuned for more discounts in the next week or so before we all shut down for Christmas!

Much love, stay safe and healthy,


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