Peter 5: Bill McCandless, CNBC Squawk Box

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Bill: Thanks for taking the time for Peter 5!

(Ed. note: Bill responded to me with some great free-flow thoughts, I’m just going to leave them as is, instead of putting them into my questions order. I think they come across more as what Bill was trying to say this way.)

I can’t stand broken promises- if you can deliver we’ll be ok- but don’t tell me XYZ ceo’s will be there and then be unable to deliver any.

I want actionable stories for investors- not new soaps or new and improved meat additives.  Have a new product that “changes the game”? I care {iPods} otherwise- don’t bug me.  Don’t’ pitch me and everyone else the same thing- I have the top rated show on CNBC- one of the most influential on the Street, please respect that. Don’t call me with the pitch- I only do email.

I know you are paid to get your stuff on air- but its not my problem if the boss is unhappy when I have to cancel the interview for breaking news- or they don’t like the lead- so don’t call me and ask “what am i supposed to tell me boss about xxx?” {yes, people do that!}

Be clear- think short declarative sentences- if I want to know more I’ll ask.
Be quick- there are many people I have to work with who waste my time- don’t get on the list.

KNOW MY SHOW– don’t pitch me a media tour on the 10th anniversary of “Casino”.

I skim almost everything- I’m an information junkie- but i don’t -read- much besides Fortune and books to my children and a few good books for me.

I have few great relationships with PR people- but the one’s I do have- are built on mutual respect- and they are fruitful for both of us.

Phew- Thanks! I feel better now. 🙂

Thank you, Bill!

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