On top of the world…

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No, really… I am.

I graduated from my IAF classes a few days ago.


This photo is from my first jump after graduation.


And then this one is my first mid-air dock. Truly, truly amazing. I’m on such a high.  Both literally and figuratively, I suppose.

Skydiving definitely needs some PR, that’s for sure. I told my parents I was jumping, and they completely freaked. They went to a website that lists all the fatalities and based their limited understanding of the sport on that. The problem therein lies with that concept. It’s like my going to the coroner’s website in NYC and assuming that NYC is dangerous because 400 people were killed last year. I’m not taking into account the eight million people who WEREN’T killed!

It’s always that way – it must be dangerous because 33 people died last year. Yes, but out of 3.2 million jumps! It’s not an accurate comparison, obviously!

Of course, this is my mom and dad, and I’m an only child. There are some things that even PR can’t handle. 🙂

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