OINY Drama Continues: You say Potato, I saw Potahto…

Have you joined my incredibly non-annoying, once-in-a-while email newsletter?

One says “quit,” the other says “fired and stole our contributor list.

It’s all semantics, really. Point is, we have double the sites to amuse us now.

Dear Peter,

I am writing to Overheard’s top contributors (you’ve suggested 5 or more submissions!) to personally thank you for supporting OINY over the years. It is your participation, more than anything else, that has made the site what it is today. I hope it’s been as fun for you as it has for me.

As you well know, I have made it a point over the years never to bother our contributors with corporate spam, except for the occasional clarification request. So as you can imagine, I was extremely distraught when our former editor quit the company, stole our contributor list, and emailed everyone on it. I take full responsibility for this breach of trust and offer my sincere apologies.

In response, we have made several changes to the site. From now on, you no longer need to include an e-mail address when you submit quotes to the site. Should you choose to include your contact information in your submissions know that we will with never share it with any outside parties under any circumstances, and will only contact you with specific questions regarding your submissions. We’ve also hired a new editor, Jenny Weiss ([email protected]). Jenny is not only an awesome editor, but she’s funny, friendly, conscientious, and even trustworthy! As always, we welcome any thoughts, questions, concerns, advice, or suggestions for improvement–drop Jenny or myself a line and let us know what you think.

I’m also starting an optional mailing list for top contributors. This will be used to announce social events, starting with our very first invite-only evesdroppers’ happy hour, right here in New York City. Drinks will be on us, and we’ll be doing this a few times a year. Send me an e-mail if you would like to be included on this mailing list and come to the happy hour!

Hope to see you soon, and thanks again for your support.


S. Morgan Friedman

Publisher, Overheard in New York & Overheard in the Office

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