Oh, there will be writing…

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So in 2 days, this will happen:



That will be almost 16 hours of uninterrupted writing. Blog posts, my new book (due out in January, being published by Palgrave/MacMillan), emails for my newsletter… Heck, perhaps even a note to my future child (not that there’s anything in the works yet, calm down, mom…)

But there will be writing. It seems that planes are the only place lately where I can write uninterrupted, without the real world, or the Internet, or my mobile phone, or my cat distracting me. (Squirrel!) Planes are my last bastion of creativity. I’ve got a handful of new blog posts to write, including…

  • A true story of how a six year relationship with a corporation ended in one hour because they chose to not bend a rule
  • How I manage to eat healthy/stay somewhat fit/get my workouts in while traveling 250,000+ miles a year
  • What I’ve learned from my first four months of being married, and how I can apply that to business
  • Race report on Ironman 70.3 Galveston
  • And a bunch of other fun pieces.

So apologies for falling down on the blog of late, but stay tuned – I’ve got some good stuff coming up! If you have any ideas for what you’d like me to write about on the return trip, leave them here – I’m happy to do it!

PS: Are you watching the Two Minute Rundown? Each weekday, Bob Knorpp and I analyze the latest in marketing, advertising, and branding, and how it impacts you, all within two minutes. Here’s the latest episode from this morning:

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