Now, the number of reasons to read Gawker drops to… Zero

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Good luck, Ms. Coen, in your new position as Deputy Editor at


Of course, it raises a few questions…

1) Why was the news released after-hours on a Thursday evening before the Yom Kippur Weekend kicked off? 

2) Why was there no reciprocal announcement from Vanity Fair?

3) Why has no replacement been named?  Previously, Gawker was quickly able to move someone up to take over.  This feels like they got caught with their pants down.

4) Over a month ago, Gawker was written about as a property that might have been sold off.  Is Jessica leaving because this is about to happen?  Is Alex Balk just a caretaker?  Is this why Lockhart’s never given up running Curbed?

Oh, well. It’s not like Blog-o-Rhea had such an effect on our lives that we’ll struggle without it. Besides, our Bloglines feeds were getting a little fat, anyway. Time to trim those bitches down.

Happy Friday!

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