No Baggage Challenge – Day 3 – Tokyo!

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Don’t forget – This No Baggage Challenge helps Best Friends Animal Society – A wonderful place that cares for and helps abused and homeless pets from all around the US. Drop them a few bucks – Best holiday gift you could ever give. Good morning! It’s Sunday, and yesterday was beyond a whirlwind! After the fish market, I made my way back to my hotel, only to leave again for a wonderful experience at the Shinnoyo-en Buddhist Temple. What an amazing, wonderful place. The service was truly wonderful, and then I got to spend a little time with the heads of the Temple’s communication departments, having lunch and talking about social media. I was able to give them a few suggestions to help increase their visibility in the US. Of course, as soon as I walked in, one of their PR people said “So this is the Jacket,” (referring to the SeV.) I’m pleased to report that my blog and my No Baggage Challenge is accepted in Buddhism – They told me that simplicity is a way of life for Buddhists, so my challenge fits right in. Hee! I was really, really pleased – Such an amazing facility and place, all just a 45-minute train ride outside of downtown Tokyo.

The Shinnyo-en Buddhist Service

Rockin’ the SeV Jacket at a Buddhist Temple

Got back to my hotel around 2pm, I took a way too short nap, then got up, and met my friend Jesse for dinner. Jesse is a Director at Hill and Knowlton, haven’t seen him in about six years. His lovely wife Rebecca joined, and we headed over to a holiday party hosted by a friend of his. This guy has a sick, sick house with views to die for:

You view is Oracle. You will obey.

Was nice to see old friends. BTW – Added benefit of the SeV Hidden Cargo Pants? SLIMMING!!!

Yay for slimming black pants!!

Leaving there, Jesse took me to a place he’d taken me in 2003 when I was last in Tokyo, called Propaganda. This time though, I resisted his evil ways, and my entire evening from start to finish consisted of two beers. As such, I remember last night much, much better than the child-me in 2003 he ruined for days. As we walked in, Lady Gaga was playing – My wonderful assistant Meagan and my editor Laura have ruined Gaga for me – They come over about once a week or so to work together since they both work independently – they like the company. Sadly, when they do, it’s usually to use my stereo and sing. And it’s usually Lady Gaga. So now, I can’t hear it ever, without thinking of them.

An Asian Bad Romance from Peter Shankman on Vimeo.

And that’s how the night ended. A great day in Tokyo. One thing I really, really like about the No Baggage Challenge – Life is simple. I have two shirts, two pairs of pants, one pair of shoes, socks, and underwear. I’m going out at night? A shirt and pair of pants. I’m going to a meeting? A shirt and a pair of pants. Simplicity really does make life easier. The Buddhists might be onto something. Off to find some food on a Sunday morning in Tokyo – Have a spectacular Saturday night!

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