No Baggage Challenge – And we're headed home!

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Don’t forget – This No Baggage Challenge helps Best Friends Animal Society – A wonderful place that cares for and helps abused and homeless pets from all around the US. Drop them a few bucks – Best holiday gift you could ever give.

Gotta run and catch my flight, so I’ll be quick here, and do a longer wrap-up when I get home.

It was definitely an easier trip with no bags. No doubt. I wish they made really small things – i.e., deodorant the size of a thumb drive, just enough for a week.

The SeV jacket performed above and beyond expectations, every single time. While I don’t know if I’d ever do a no-baggage challenge again, I can tell you that I will be GREATLY lightening my load the next time I travel. Fact is, we just don’t need as much crap as we take!

Couple of quick photos – Found a store this morning in Akihabara that I thought would be perfect to sell SeV’s in:

Tell me the SeV shouldn’t sell here.

If you ever wanted to know how to spell “GREAT SCOTT!” in Japanese:

You disintegrated Einstein!

And finally, I have no idea what these ladies were selling, but they waved to me, and didn’t stop until after I’d taken a photo. It made me smile.

Buy from us!

Was the No Baggage Challenge a success? Completely, no doubt in my mind. Would I do it again? For two days, definitely. More than that? I’m wearing a shirt twice – It doesn’t smell or anything, but it’s a little strange to me. Like I said, though – I’ll definitely be cutting down on what I bring in my carry-on – And perhaps I can just bring a backpack, instead of a backpack and a rollerboard. To me, that’s a win.

Scott Jordan started ScotteVest back in what, 2000, I think? That’s when I discovered it – My employee at the time, Rebecca Smith told me about it – I fell it love with it to the point where I’ve been on Scott’s advisory board for the past nine years. The clothing simply works. It’s smart, it looks good, and serves a purpose. With baggage fees going through the roof (not that I check, or let anyone I love check, but still) and with fights breaking out over who gets overhead space, the ability to just pick up and go is pretty damn awesome.

I should also talk about my relationship with SeV – I make no money from sitting on Scott’s advisory board. I get my clothing from him for free. That’s it for full-disclosure.

I can’t recommend buying some SeV clothing enough – It’s spectacular, and I’m such a huge fan. I would be whether I was on the board or not. The clothing simply works for what I need it to. and that’s huge.

Headed back to EWR in a few, where I’ll hit the President’s Club at 4:30pm Monday afternoon, take a shower, and catch another flight to Indianapolis. I’ll see my apartment as I fly in, but won’t be able to go there till Tuesday afternoon.

Full recap coming soon. Thanks for following the challenge!

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