Next on CNN: Kyra Phillips – Live from Bathroom Stall #3

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Some genius engineer at CNN today left a live mic on Kyra Phillips as she went to the BATHROOM during Bush’s 1-year Katrina Anniversary speech.

Over the President’s speech, you can hear her speaking about how difficult it is to find a good man, but how it’s doable.

Audio is here.

And Kyra, even though you’re married, be careful about talking in the bathroom about your husband’s sister. Calling her a control freak will not make for a good Thanksgiving dinner.

Transcript here.

Kyra, if this winds up in a divorce for you, may I just say that I’m a good, kind man, who happens to be single.

(PS: Yes, Kyra is the one who confused US Ambassador John Bolton with 80’s pop singer Michael Bolton.)

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