New PR Tool: Google Trends

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Cool new tool alert… Google Trends

Let’s you enter a search term and compare amount of searches vs. a baseline.

For instance – I enter “Navy SEAL” and this comes back:

The letters then correspond to this:

Army vets, former Navy SEAL among civilians killed, mutilated in Iraq
The Desert Sun – Apr 2 2004   
Navy Seal: CIA Roughed Up Iraqi Prisoner – Nov 1 2004   
Navy SEAL lieutenant to face hearing in Iraqi prisoner abuse case
San Diego Union Tribune – Nov 19 2004   
Navy SEAL Says Fellow SEALs, CIA Agents Abused Iraqi Prisoners
Capitol Hill Blue – Jan 11 2005   
Navy SEAL Acquitted of Abusing Iraqi – May 28 2005   

Rescuers Recover Missing Navy SEAL In Afghanistan
Hawaii – Jul 11 2005   

Very cool stuff, indeed. You can determine what spikes for what based on searches (i.e., “Britney” spikes when pregnancy broke,” “scientology” spiked when Katie and Tom got weird.

Cool concept for publicists – We can use it to help ourselves figure out when to pitch what.

Every little bit helps.

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