Never Forget That You’re the Product

Hi from somewhere between Newark and Las Vegas, as I fly across this great country to give the opening keynote of the 2018 Association of Change Management Professionals.

As I was waiting to board, I was chatting with another passenger, and we got to talking about Facebook’s latest privacy fiasco. He was super-angry, explaining how his trust of Facebook was completely gone.

I agreed that Facebook definitely was in the wrong, but then asked him why he felt Facebook owed him any privacy in the first place, since he wasn’t Facebook’s customer.

“What do you mean? Of course I’m Facebook’s customer! I use their service every day!”

“But you’ve never paid for it,” I countered. “Did you pay for your flight on United Airlines today?”

“Of course I did,” he said. “Then you’re United’s customer today.” But if you’ve never paid for Facebook, you’re not their customer. The advertisers on Facebook trying to reach you? They’re Facebook’s customer. You’re simply Facebook’s product.”

Remember, my friends – your privacy isn’t guaranteed on any social network. Even if the social network’s terms of service says it is, they can change it anytime they want. And let’s be honest: When was the last time you really read any company’s entire terms of service?

In the end, if you want the best chance at keeping your private information private, don’t put it online.

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