NASA: It’s not just a cat anymore. (AKA – BPAS Interview with an Astronaut)

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HARO members are the best, best, best people in the world. Dayna Steele, is a HARO member who one day advertised her new book on HARO. She emailed me after the ad ran, thanking me for the great results – and she asked, “So Peter, why is one of your cats named NASA?” To which I answered, “Well, I sorta like the space agency.” “Oh.” She said.

Two days later, I was invited by her to visit when I was in Houston – And by visit, I mean hang out with her extended family – ALL NASA ASTRONAUTS, PILOTS, AND OMG OMG ZOMG!

So guess who got to go to NASA today, behind the scenes in Building 9A? Here’s me on the Space Shuttle Flight Deck mock-up.

Flight Deck Mockup

Yes. Insane.

Best part? I WAS GIVEN THE TOUR BY AN ACTUAL ASTRONAUT!! Dr. Nick Patrick, who’s going up on STS130 next January, was honestly, the nicest guy EVER. He took time out of his training schedule to give me an amazing tour, and do an INTERVIEW with me! Check it out!


More photos soon. Truly an amazing day.

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