My Inner Geek just got all warm and squishy

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For those who don’t know how high my dork-o-meter actually goes, over the past two years, I’ve become a huge, huge fan of the Science Channel. Ever since TiVo decided that the Science Channel was what I needed, I’ve been a huge fan, living for everything from “How It’s Made” to “Big Machines,” to “Megastructures,” to, my favorite, “Survivorman.”

In Survivorman, one man, Les Stroud, is dropped someplace with a bunch of camera equipment, and has to live for a week. That’s it. Him. Cameras. No food, no water. He has to find it, eat it, drink it, all while filming it.

It’s worse than Heroin. It’s SO addictive.

Anyhow, I just got my latest Les Stoud update. Survivorman, the next series, is coming out. I’m so happy, it’s not even funny.

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