My Cells and my NanoVi Exo

I don’t normally use my blog to express my love of a product, but then, I don’t normally fall off my motorized scooter while going 20mph, either.

Last Friday that’s exactly what happened. A Pedestriot (an idiot pedestrian) walked in between two trucks and right into the bike lane, where I was on my scooter headed to a meeting. I could either hit him dead on, or lay the scooter down and hope for the best. I chose option two, and down I went. Bruised my shoulder, and road rash along the entire right side of my body. Wasn’t fun.

I got bandaged up by a very kind NYC traffic cop who watched the whole thing, and went about my day, albeit in some level of pain. When I got home, I remembered that I have a NanoVI Exo, a machine designed to improve your overall health by allowing cells to regenerate and repair themselves at a faster than normal (see what I did there?) rate. I wondered if it would help me heal faster?

So I turned this bad boy on, and sat with it for 20 minutes as I was working on my email, every morning for a week, from last Friday until today.

Sure enough, within those seven days, I saw a noticeable improvement not only in the speed of my road rash clearing up, but also in my range of motion in my shoulder, which, let’s be honest, I banged up pretty bad when all 225 pounds of me hit the pavement at 18mph.

I was floored by how quickly my scrapes healed, as well. I wish I’d taken before and after photos, but to be honest, after I hit the pavement, I was too busy trying to stop the bleeding.

According to ENG3, the company that makes the NanoVi Exo, NanoVi® devices are used to regain, maintain or boost vitality and cellular health by signaling repair at the cellular level.

While that all sounds like tech info that’s way above my pay grade, I can tell you this: I feel better quicker, and that’s what matters to me. I’m definitely a fan. You can find out more about the NanoVi Exo here.

Disclosures: ENG Corp sent me a NanoVi Exo to try. They haven’t paid me for this article, and the reviews are entirely mine.

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