Musings from the road

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Here in Portland, land of very tall trees and extremely big sky. Beautiful city… Very… I dunno… I guess if Seattle went Zen, it would be Portland.

Went to the Oregon Zoo yesterday, who knew they had one of the largest collections of elephants anywhere? Very cool. And of course, they had Otters. I think I’ll know I’ve made it big when I have my own Otter pool. Like in the movie 2010, when they had a Dolphin pool. I want an Otter pool.

Heading home on a red-eye tonight, and playing Continental Airlines Battlefield Upgrade Roulette. Fingers crossed… Red-eyes in coach are truly a thing to be avoided. At least, if I want to have more than “get away from me, I’m in a foul mood” emerge from my lips anytime tomorrow.

Cityrags raises an interesting question (via Gawker) What amount of free publicity does Starbucks get from all the papparazi celebrity photos where the celeb is holding the classic Starbucks cup? Interesting –  perhaps that’s part of their strategy? (Says Peter, as he sits outside, yes, a Starbucks, for the wireless access.)

Finally, before I head for my plane, big props to Julia Filz at the Museum of Dentistry (Yes, there really is a Museum of Dentistry), who, on 24 hours notice, managed to get the museum in a kick-ass piece on NBC Nightly News, to air Friday, 6/10. Well done.

Oh – one more thing… I have the wingspan of a Condor.


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