More thoughts on the transit strike

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Personally, I STILL don’t think there will be a NYC transit strike. People are smarter than that, I believe.

That said, you know, New York City isn’t that big of a place. Why can’t everyone just walk? We’re already a thin state because we walk so much – what’s a few extra miles? It’s 20 blocks to a mile, right? OK – So if you live on 93rd St. (I don’t know why you would, but whatever) and your office is on 48th St., you’re looking at less than 2.5 miles.

Assuming you’re  one of those New Yorkers I see next to me on the treadmill at NYSC, you can EASILY walk 2.5 miles.

Hell, the sneakers with female business suits trend was STARTED in 1980 during the last NYC transit strike. Why can’t we just walk?  We’d even save some money?

Yes, I’m being sarcastic, but only partially so. I feel for the people who live in the outer boroughs, (not only because they live in the outer boroughs) but because it’s harder for them to get across the water to their jobs in the city. But still – max, 8 miles. You can walk that in just over two hours. Run it in a little over one. Come on, not too terrible, right?

Heh. Doesn’t matter, anyway. We’re not gonna have a strike.

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